Our first release of 2021. This is Scars:Unplugged, a live tracked, unplugged version of a song that is incredibly close to our hearts. Click here to listen!

We have loved all of the Story shares, tags on social media, emails, and WhatsApp messages and appreciate every one of you. New projects are already underway and 2021 may be our busiest year yet…
But first, a big massive thanks to everyone who helped us put Scars:Unplugged together.
+ Thank you to Reto Peter for being an awesome producer, for everything you put into our Basel recording session and into all our projects together (and for suggesting an acoustic version of this song!).
+ Thank you to Patrick Thompson for the beautiful string lines, and for producing the session with us as we brought this track to life.
+ Thank you to Scott Prusko for the lovely, always creative cover artwork and for being with us since the beginning.
+ Thank you to the incredible people at our label, Muve Recordings, Andy, Vale, and Elias, and to our wonderful management, Starfish, Rico and Ischi.
+ As always, all our love and gratitude to our ridiculously encouraging mum, Shirin.
This track wouldn’t have happened without these amazing people.
Hope you love it. See you on Spotify! ?

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