Hello beautiful people, are you hanging in there? We hope so, and it’s not always easy, we know, but even as Covid numbers rise all over the world, just know things are going to get better. We can’t see it yet. But they are.

Sadly we’ve had to cancel some upcoming shows again, settling into our flat in the centre of our hotspot city of Munich, where we’re drinking tea and playing guitar and writing songs and watching some lovely episodes of Poirot. Do you know who that is? We were massive Agatha Christie fans when we were kids and now we’re enjoying re-watching some of our favourite whodunnits with a bit of this newfound free time on our hands. (Poirot has probably the most epic theme song ever by the way, grab your tisane and watch The Yellow Iris for some fun art deco mystery solving.)

What are you watching/binging on? Any Netflix recommendations, please send our way for lazy evenings in.

We did get to play one more show this year at Feierwerk with some friends, a really special night that will keep our hearts full till whenever we can all see each other again. It’s sad and strange not to have much access to culture anymore. Music, theatre, cinema, opera, everything sporadic and regulated and it feels almost dangerous to be part of it. There are complaints about “cancel culture” but really it’s just cancelled culture right now, isn’t it?

So what are we doing with ourselves. Writing new songs, playing music together just for fun. It’s always fun, but without shows to rehearse for it’s been a lot of just playing covers of songs we love, creating new riffs and melodies, having pizza together and telling stupid jokes and just enjoying music for itself and not for what we’re doing with it, if that makes sense.

We’ve got several new songs now, and a couple of said songs are nearly ready for other humans outside our studio walls to hear them. We’ll keep you posted on any recording that might be coming up and you can follow our studio adventures if you’d like.

Should we do livestream hangouts together? Should we do acoustic versions of our songs? Let us know what you think.

We’ll leave you with a few of these photos from our Distancing Festival tour snapped by our friend Florian Sievi! That was incredibly fun. What a massive honour to spend summer playing music with friends.

More soon! Take care of yourselves and each other.

Much love,
~Sarah & Steph


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  1. Patrick 3 years ago

    I would love to hear you do acoustic versions of your songs on a livestream (especially as many as possible from ‘Concious Mess’)! Maybe throw in a Swimming to Shore track or two to introduce your newer fans to that awesome project. Also, an unexpected cover would be a treat.

    Of course, doing something with the whole group would be welcome too! 🙂

    • Author
      dpatheband 3 years ago

      We love all of these ideas! Going to get some fun stuff in the queue for 2021, can’t wait!

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