We’re sitting in a Starbucks in a small town in Central California, drinking in all the tea and cappuccinos and internet we can in a short amount of time. We’ve been travelling nearly every day since January 17 and we have made a round trip from San Francisco to Los Angeles four times. That’s a lot of miles and caffeine.

And we have had a phenomenal time. We kicked our our trip with some meetings and a crazy four-day weekend at the NAMM show, where we played at the Audix Microhpones booth and the Gibson/Epiphone stage. We had an amazing time! We got some really cool photos from Justin Higuchi (thanks Justin!), some of which we’ve already posted, and others below!

Other highlights were meeting some amazing people—promoters, entrepreneurs, agents, and many more—and, though it wasn’t as long as we’d have liked, we got to see some of our family and some of our dear friends, the sweetest people in the entire world.

Deer Park Ave // Piper PayneOur album is almost done being mastered by Piper Payne at Michael Romanowski Mastering in San Francisco! It’s sounding so great, and between our awesome mixer Reto Peter’s amazing job mixing our album and Piper’s mastering, the songs are sounding great and are almost ready for you! We are getting super excited about the album…we’re planning our release party and other show dates, so keep an eye out for those. If you haven’t pre-ordered, it is not too late! Click here to pre-order and get behind the scenes…

We had an amazing photo shoot with the inimitable Rob Shanahan in Venice, California, and we’ll be posting some photos from our shoot soon—you’ll also see them in our album, here on our website, our Facebook, etc. We had such a great time!! If you haven’t checked out Rob’s photography, head over to his website for some incredible shots of Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, Dave Grohl, and many more of the most iconic music creators of our time.

We met up with our friends at the Gibson showroom in LA, and got to borrow this sweetie for a few days! The Wilshire will be making his appearance known in some of our photos very soon…


Stephanie is now the proud endorser of TRX Cymbals! These cymbals are handcrafted in Turkey by people who have this craft down to both an art and science, the best combination. They sound gorgeous and you’ll get to hear these in videos and on the road this year—we are SO excited to bring these to you guys. You will love them.

Speaking of new gear, we have added to our Audix family of mics, and we have some shiny new OM6s for our shows this year! We still love our OM3s, but we were blown away by the OM6s and can’t wait to add them to our tour setup this year. Yeah…you’ll love them, too.

And we wrapped up our crazy California tour with an incredible time at the 57th GRAMMY Awards show with world’s coolest date, our amazing mum! We are more thankful than words can say for everything this incredible woman does—from believing in us to bringing us food during studio sessions to wardrobe and chauffeuring and the endless details that help bands run.

At the Grammys

afterpartyIt was our first red carpet event (we came in at the same time as Jessie J and Neil Patrick Harris) and the performances at the ceremony were stellar. What an amazing night! Annie Lennox was arguably the highlight of the entire show for us. What an incredible artist. We also enjoyed a super fun after party with performances by Jessie J and the legendary Gloria Gaynor, one of our heros!

And it all has gone by, as it always does, with supersonic speed. We’re excited to get back east and finish up our new record. We’ll be getting more videos out for you guys soon.

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