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The new album from Deer Park Avenue, featuring Hate Me, Bridezilla, Scars, and American Nightmare.

“Conscious Mess” is a diverse, interesting and thoroughly strong album. The songs on “Conscious Mess” are as different as life, the Snyder sisters have skillfully managed to weave all these influences into one big whole and to write an excellent album. A deliberate mess, as the title says. –David Spring, Art Noir


Our latest news and updates, plus random mental wanderings…

Will You Be Our Tragic Valentine?

Happy Love Day! We love love. Are you celebrating today? A year ago today, we released our single Tragic Valentine as an animation video done by our insanely talented friend Rhi (@_rhage_ on Instagram) who created a hand-drawn animation of Skellie travelling through heartbreaks in his life, as all of us have. Maybe you feel like Skellie this year, dragging […]

Time to Unplug: 2021’s First Release Is Scars (Unplugged)

IT’S HERE!   Our first release of 2021. This is Scars:Unplugged, a live tracked, unplugged version of a song that is incredibly close to our hearts. Click here to listen! We have loved all of the Story shares, tags on social media, emails, and WhatsApp messages and appreciate every one of you. New projects are already underway and 2021 may be […]

Cancelled Culture: No shows, but with a plethora of creativity, here’s what we’re doing with our time (or at least trying to)

Hello beautiful people, are you hanging in there? We hope so, and it’s not always easy, we know, but even as Covid numbers rise all over the world, just know things are going to get better. We can’t see it yet. But they are. Sadly we’ve had to cancel some upcoming shows again, settling into our flat in the centre […]



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