Love for Stop & Go in the Netherlands

Love for Stop & Go in the Netherlands

This is something really cool that happened today — we got our first foreign-language EP review from a music blog in the Netherlands, The Music Radar! Two good friends of Deer Park Avenue, Eline and Hans Smit from Holland, did a translation of the review for our English-speaking fans (thank you Eline and Hans!!), in case your Dutch is a little rusty…

The radar skims my surroundings and stops at…Deer Park Avenue. Well, almost true. I actually picked them up on my TWITTER account. But it is worth a post in this blog…

Deer Park Avenue is a band that consists of the two sisters, Sarah and Stephanie Snyder. In my view one can describe their music as energy-pop with punk and rock influences. The type of music that really makes me happy when I listen to it! And exactly what I need on this rainy and grumpy Monday morning.

The two sisters started making music from 7 and 10 years of age. These 2 beautiful ladies of mixed American-Indian background lived in Switzerland during their late teens early twenties, at which stage they started a church and cover band. As a cover band they have developed loads of experience performing on stage while playing to various kinds of audiences. They truly have developed their own music style in the mean time.

Personally, I think they are ready for the real thing, and they can count me in as a fan! Their album Stop & Go is now available for download from iTunes. Take a few moments to listen to their music on this page below!

I can see Deer Park Avenue touring in The Netherlands, e.g. on Lowlands, Parkpop. I think I will write to the organizers about this band to take a look at them. Honestly I could rave for three more pages about Deer Park Avenue, but better still is to enjoy their album and listen yourself to their music.

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