Deer Park Avenue Proudly Endorse…


Audix Microphones

Audix are hands-down our favourite mics for live and recorded performances. We use the Audix OM6 for vocals (perfect for our loud stages!), the i5 for guitar amp/cab, the DP7 for drums, the D6 for bass amp/cab, and two CX212Bs for our acoustic videos.


Epiphone Guitars

Sarah has been playing Epiphone since way before we started the band. She bought an Epiphone Les Paul Custom in Switzerland, a heavier model than many newer versions, and it’s been all over the world with us.

Dixon Drums - Logo

Dixon Drums

We are VERY excited to announce Stephanie’s new official endorsement with Dixon Drums! She is the first female drummer on their artist roster. We have some very cool projects in the works, so stay tuned for the good stuff.


TRX Cymbals

Stephanie plays TRX Cymbals on tour and at home. Her setup includes a 22″ LTD Crash/Ride, 15″ DRK/BRT Hi Hats (one side dark, one bright, a very cool contrast), 17″ MDM Crash, and 19″ DRK Crash.



There is nothing like a KickPort™ to transform your bass drum’s sound into something deep and powerful. It’s an instant upgrade for any kick drum. They also have a very cool CajonPort™ for cajon players!


OnBoard Research

Sarah has been using technology from OnBoard Research since before the band was born. She got an Intellitouch Capo Tuner from founder Art Harvey, and once the band was on the road, we started officially endorsing their awesome products.


Reference Cables

The right cable can make all the difference! Sarah fell in love with the RIC01A acoustic guitar cable from Reference Laboratory after using one for the first time at a NAMM Show performance at the Audix booth. These are quality cables from good people!


Sonas Denim

Sonas are the ultimate rock and roll jeans. Sonas was founded by the amazing Gerry Kelly and Christine Garcia in San Francisco, whom we met while we were based in SF. 10% of all sales go toward animal rights. The Broadway Skinny might be our favourite!